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My long career has spanned many types of media and many countries.  I started in the special effects department on Movies, moved into directing commercials, TV shows, and music videos. I now also enjoy consulting, producing, directing, shooting, and editing many types of trans-media, visualization and sales media for web sites, some of which I also design and built,  My full biography is HERE.


I have been honoured with awards by both the British academy “BAFTA” and the US academy “OSCAR” for my work in visual effects on “Superman the movie”, best director from the British Music Awards for the music video “Smooth Criminal” with Michael Jackson and recently a “Legend” award from the Nemo Academy in Florence, Italy


I enjoy interacting with students at both Brock University, Niagara College and local schools. I received an Honorary degree from Brock university, am on the advisory board for the media department at Niagara College and a voting member of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.


Please check my work on the following pages and contact me, let me use my problem solving abilities and knowledge in many types of media to help you.

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